What is Fågelmataren?

Fågelmataren is an advanced bird feeder equipped with many peripherals to interact with and "spy" on wild birds. At 6 am every morning the birds will be fed. Keep in mind that Fågelmataren is still a prototype and does not represent the end product. This website is dedicated to displaying statistics and some recorded videos from Fågelmataren. Because of privacy I will not automatically upload all recorded videos, instead the video page will contain some highlights.

How does Fågelmataren work?

Fågelmataren uses various sensors, mainly a PIR sensor used to detect motion from birds. On a motion detection event a recording will be started. If no motion event has been detected within the next five seconds thereafter, the recording process will be stopped. The video files will be saved to disk and will be available to watch afterwards. Concurrently a video feed will be broadcasted to ustream.tv which can be found on the homepage of this website. Temperature, atmospheric pressure and relative humidity and events, such as motion events, will be logged to a database. These measurements can be found on the statistics page.

Is the source code opensource?

Yes all code for the standalone unit and to this website is available on github. For obvious reasons some of the code running on the server is not available on github. You can find links to the github repositories on the bottom of this page.

Is there a wiring diagram for Fågelmataren?

Here are some images of Fågelmataren. Keep in mind it is still a prototype!